Sports change lives!

Together to Goals is a new sports foundation that was established in Tallinn, Estonia. The founder is Andrey Arkhipov, a sportsman in the past, a father with many children and a soccer coach in the present.

“Working with kids, I see the problems from the inside. The financial inability to give a talented child a ticket to professional sports, injuries that leave you on the bench, lack of opportunities in a small town – none of that should be a barrier for young athletes to reach the heights they desire!”

The personal mission of the founder of the Foundation is to contribute to the development of sports as much as he can. With the help of a crowdfunding platform, the Foundation will be able to launch a social elevator for children in need and help them overcome difficulties.

In addition to helping young talents, the Foundation’s work will be aimed at building new sports facilities, their development, and charitable sports events.

Donations to the Foundation are accepted from all over the world!

Why us?

“There are a huge number of charities. Why should we help you specifically?”

We have several reasons: