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Tell us your story - get help from Together to Goals

In situations where there seems to be no one else to lean on, no one to expect help and support, know that Together to Goals is always there for you! Our Charitable Foundation, aimed at the development of sports, helping young talents and professional athletes, will provide any possible assistance to become your most reliable support!

To get the support you need, tell us your story!

How do you do that?


Describe in detail the situation in which you find yourself. Every detail is important.


Send an email to the Foundation at


In response, you will receive a counter questionnaire with questions and an agreement to cooperate with the Foundation.

What's next?

The Foundation’s assistance work can be carried out in 2 ways:

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Public work

Your story will be recognized! All information will be presented on our website and social networks. That way, we can draw attention to your situation, use various tools to promote the project, and connect the resources of the Foundation.

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Confidential work

Your story stays between us! All actions will be carried out with the help of internal resources Together to Goals. Data and details are not disclosed, not used to promote the project.

What do we recommend? Certainly a public option to work with. That's how we expand our capabilities and get the chance to find the support of hundreds of people!


We will be a support for young athletes, a true friend for big sports professionals, support for sports organizations!