Support for young athletes.

I'm growing up with sports!

The development of children’s sports and the support of gifted youth are important areas to which our Foundation pays special attention. The healthy interests of the younger generation have a direct impact on the overall well-being of the world and sports!

Childrens Football Match
Little girl gathering on a sports training

The importance of children's sports

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of sports in children’s lives. Passionate young men and women discover a wonderful world of new activities, dreams, and interests. They make their first acquaintances, learn to achieve their goals through hard work, and build character.

Sports are about endurance, discipline, intelligence and decision-making. Absolute sincerity and love for the game combined with an adult ability to be responsible and persistent – the perfect combination for future professionals and champions!


Often young men and women with real talent in a particular field, capable of conquering the world and becoming professional athletes, find that the cost of transportation and hotel is an unbearable burden on the family. Is that really a reason to give up on your dream? Surrender?

The Together To Goals Foundation believes this is the least of our problems! We offer a helping hand through a special program.

Together to Goals Sports Foundation

Support young athletes with Together To Goals

The Young Talent Program is a great opportunity to start changing this world for the better! You can make a one-time payment or subscribe regularly. With the money raised, we will help athletes get to the championship, go to a competition in another city, etc.

You can read about projects that are dedicated to helping young champions on our page. We keep a complete record of each stage of the project, telling you how we implement a particular project. You can be sure of targeted assistance!