Assistance to sports organizations

Let's help: Clubs, sections, movements

The Together To Goals Foundation is ready to help not only individual athletes, but also sports organizations of all sizes. The most important thing is that this help is truly necessary!

Often sections and clubs are faced with a huge number of problems: outdated courts, halls, equipment and inventory, the emergency state of the premises or its complete absence, etc.

It’s hard to raise real athletes when they’ve only seen a court or a basketball hoop in the movies, don’t you agree?

Father and son playing basketball
United Junior Sports Team

How can we help?

Support Together To Goals missions

Our missions are directly related to the development of children’s sports around the world! The founder of the Fund – Andrey Arkhipov, being an athlete in the past, father of many children and coach in the present, as no one else understands the importance of helping young talents.

It is with their pure faith and sincerity that their love for their cause begins. It is children who can change this world!

The level of preparation for the world of big sports depends on the conditions in which they will be trained and educated!