Assistance in the development and creation of sports projects / events

Promoting sports is our shared responsibility

An important aspect of the Foundation’s activities is the daily popularization of sports. This is not only a way to preserve the health of the younger generation, but to transmit important values to children, to educate them in the strong-willed character and the ability to win.

Sport fan supporters at stadium bleachers
An audience of sports fans watching an NFL football game in a stadium


Participation in different kinds of events is a way to unite children and adults around the same theme, improve sportsmanship, and strengthen friendships between athletes.

Through sports projects we involve children and young people in sports, and sponsors and benefactors in the problems of the Foundation, our mission and objectives.

Sporting events are an opportunity to support a particular club or section, to publicize existing problems, and to get quick help.

How to help?

Also, joint projects with sports organizations are an opportunity for the Foundation to involve as many people as possible in the problems of children engaged in sports and professional athletes.

Do you want to help create an interesting event, participate in the organization of a sports project? The Together To Goals Foundation is a great opportunity to make your wishes come true!

Help is possible not only in the form of a monetary contribution, but also as a volunteer. Everyone can become a part of a great cause.

Why us?

“There are a huge number of charities. Why should we help you specifically?”

We have several reasons: