Become a partner!

Sports development in your hands: Become a reliable partner of Together To Goals

“Together To Goals” is a charitable foundation whose global mission is the development of sports in all its forms. We want to be a social elevator to a successful future for underprivileged boys and girls, to help talented children cope with the challenges of big sports, and to support sports organizations and projects.

But, as you know, one man is not a warrior in the field. That's why we need reliable partners! Together we can overcome any obstacle!

How can you help the Foundation?

We are open to all types of cooperation, but for convenience and constructive work, we have created 4 categories of “Together to Goals” partners

Financial aid

Material assistance for missions, projects, and events. You can make a targeted donation or a contribution to the Together to Goals general account. All funds will be used to develop sports and help children!

Help with services

Assistance from partners, companies, and organizations that are willing to offer their services as support to the Foundation. This includes: special conditions, prices, campaigns, programs from equipment stores, sections, hotels, fitness centers, etc.

Sports Aid

Charitable assistance from specialists and organizations related to sports. You can offer private training, a tournament, a camp, help organize an event, receive treatment, examinations, advice on nutrition, psychological help, etc.

Together to Goals

A contribution to charity for everyone who cares about sports and the future of our children. Everyone can participate and support the Foundation: volunteers, companies, investors, etc. All efforts and funds are directed toward the development of Together To Goals, missions, and projects.

Do you want to become a partner?

We are open to a constructive dialogue and mutual cooperation!

We are grateful!

Every partner, sponsor, supporter, and volunteer is part of the Together To Goals Foundation. By helping us and the young athletes, you can also help yourself. The Fund can promote your company, personal brand, improve your image. A contribution to charity will not go unnoticed!

If necessary and personal requests, we will give attention to your assistance in the Foundation’s resources, telling you about the significant assistance in all available sources.

Your name will remain in the Hall of Appreciation, and thus in the history of the sport!

After all, it is with the support and participation of sponsors and partners that we make dreams come true and sports more accessible!

Thank heroes concept

Important! Do you want to remain an anonymous helper? We will ensure complete confidentiality. All information about the charity on your part will be private.

We cherish the memory of everyone who has contributed to the realization of our goals, the support of the Foundation!

"Together To Goals is a reliable partner for everyone!

We will be a support for young athletes, a true friend for big sports professionals, a support for sports organizations and an opportunity to leave our mark on history for you!

Our Foundation is open to discussion and consideration of any proposals: aid projects, special campaigns, cooperation, etc. Respect and attention is the key to accomplishing a global mission!