Helping underprivileged athletes

That's no reason to give up: help underprivileged athletes

Helping young athletes from low-income families with limited financial means is an important part of our foundation’s mission. Material problems should not get in the way of a young athlete!

Lonely boy
Wearing blue hand wraps. Young tattooed coach teaching the kids boxing techniques


Our main goal in working with this category of children is to become a social elevator for them, to help them change their lives and open the way to sports.

Some children are raised by relatives, live with dysfunctional parents and do not have the opportunity to attend a paid club, buy uniforms and equipment. It is in these situations that our foundation will come to the rescue!

All of us can give the little man faith in the future, the opportunity to find himself in sports and go beyond limited opportunities.

How can we help?

Group of female kids practicing athletic exercises together indoors

How do I make a contribution?

Helping underprivileged athletes is a responsible mission that each of us can perform! Let’s work together to open the door to professional sports for young talents by removing financial barriers. This is our opportunity to change this world, to allow young people to believe in miracles and dreams!

You can contribute any amount or become our regular supporter. Any help matters!