Terms and Privacy Policy


Data processing on the site

When registering at togethertogoals.com and making a funds transfer, togethertogoals.com saves the personal data of the website visitor (name and surname, e-mail address and contact phone number) and all the information about the transfers made.

All data obtained from a website visitor during the processing of a transfer is considered by togethertogoals.com as personal data and treated as confidential in accordance with the Personal Data Processing Law.

togethertogoals.com does not share any of the data received with third parties, except for the minimum data necessary to organize the delivery of goods. (in case of purchase from togethertogoals.com)

Using an encrypted data transmission channel between togethertogoals.com and the banks ensures that no unauthorized person gets access to the website visitor’s personal banking details.

The visitor has the right to view the data in the possession of togethertogoals.com, and to prohibit further processing.

Social media data processing Together to Goals

Together to goals actively works and communicates in social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
All information collected when communicating and receiving data from a visitor to social pages, are processed in accordance with the processing of data on the site togethertogoals.com

Security of transfers and payments

Donations and transfers are made through the website togethertogoals.com via the EveryPay / Paypal / Stripe online banking link and by direct transfer to the account Together to Goals MTÜ account at LHV Bank

togethertogoals.com cooperates with the most reliable payment systems and banks in Estonia and all over the world!

All operations of funds transfer are serviced by the payment systems of Banks and financial services (Paypal and others, which we use for your convenience)